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JGB Ventures is committed to uniting people of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds by providing superior
cost-effective community-based products and service learning programs that will enrich the lives of school-age children through seasoned adults.

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who is jgb?

JGB is a self-empowerment company that specializes in consulting and providing cost-effective customized services. Areas of specialty include:

Our Model

JGB has compiled a roster of world-class professionals who specialize in the development and implementation of individual and group programs that challenge and empower the participants to take a greater responsibility for their lives and their communities.

    our goal
A multiracial group of teenagers.

The goal of JGB is to provide socially and culturally sensitive products, services and other result-oriented tools while providing the participant with a broader perspective on the objectives:

  • Fostering Personal Improvement
  • Preserving Core Values
  • Developing Specific Skills
  • Building Relationships
  • Becoming Efficient Leaders
  • Welcoming the Differences in Others

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